Radio Ad Campaign to Fight Layoffs

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Hard working ACS workers are often misunderstood. That's why SSEU Local 371 has launched a media campaign authorized by the Executive Committee. The radio ads are in response to the negative press that ACS workers receive when there are fatalities in ACS cases.

"Too often the public blames the workers because they don't understand the nature of the work we do and the size of the caseloads," said SSEU Local 371 President Anthony Wells. "The ads were created at the request of workers in the field offices and were designed with their input. The narrators are actual ACS workers. Although these ads focus on ACS workers, the Union supports all of our members wherever they work. Let's all support each other. God bless you and God bless the Union."

Radio Ad 1:


Radio Ad 2:




The Union aired a radio ad the first three weeks in June in connection with a campaign to fight layoffs of child welfare workers. The City Council restored $3 million to the city budget to reduce the number of layoffs. Click play to hear the ad.

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