Assault Bill:Members in Albany

SSEU Local 371 members—including three victims of a workplace assault—went to Albany with Vice President of Legislation & Political Action Michelle Akyempong June 7 to lobby lawmakers about the Assault Bill, which would make assaults on social service workers a felony.

Passing the Assault Bill

Union is in the process of lobbying the State Legislators to pass the Assault Bill – A4672 sponsored by Peter Rivera and S00641 sponsored by Marty Golden.

Fighting ACS Layoffs

ACS has given the Union a list of workers who are at risk of layoffs, and the Union has met with the agency to discuss ways to avert cuts, including ways to utilize the targeted staff. The Union has also met with City Council Finance Chair Domenic Recchia and Council Speaker Christine Quinn; the Council was able to avert these same cuts in last year’s budget.

UPDATE: Lawsuit Against the City

The Union has filed a lawsuit on May 27 against the City, challenging the Supervisor II and III (social services) exams. The basis of the challenge is that the point system created by DCAS gives an unfair advantage to provisional employees.

We believe this violates civil service law and creates and uneven playing field for the taking of the exam. 

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