HHC Chapter Meeting Has Been Canceled

One Struggle: Child Services in California

Defending child welfare services is a struggle that spans from coast to coast. Check out this article about the situation in California. 

Educational Fund/Prep Course

The Educational Fund will offer a Civil Service Examination Preparation Course for SSEU Local 371 members for the Juvenile Counselor Exam #3000, scheduled for the week of January 7, 2013. The course will consist of three sessions. Please sign up for one of the sessions and fill out the registration form below.

Delegates Training October 2012

Delegates Training October 2012

Update in Bell/Adams Case

The Judge presiding in the case of two former members has set the trial to begin Jan. 7. Damon Adams will have to appear for another hearing on Nov. 16, where the District Attorney's Office will turn over trial transcripts from the case involving the mother and grandmother of Marcella Pierce.

Latino Heritage Celebration 2012

Latino Heritage Celebration 2012

African American Day Parade

African American Day Parade 2012

Labor Day Parade

2012 Labor Day Parade
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