Stand Firm against the TPP

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Our brothers and sisters in our parent union, AFSCME, are reminding members that there is still time to stand strong against this trade deal and preserve American jobs.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) would kill jobs, hurt our environment and even make our food less safe. That’s why so many AFSCME members and activists across the progressive movement have called and written their members of Congress and taken to the streets to protest this mega trade deal.

We’ve managed to stall the TPP in Congress — for now. But the fight is far from over. Big corporations are still pushing the TPP, and they have plenty of allies in Congress. They’ll do whatever they can to revive this terrible deal for working families.

The TPP will let these corporations rewrite our laws and put our jobs and families at risk. They won’t stop fighting, and neither can we.

Email your member of Congress and urge them to stand firm against the TPP.


Here’s how the TPP gives corporations so much power. If a big company doesn’t like a law or regulation that protects us, it can sue the U.S. government in front of an unaccountable private tribunal of corporate lawyers. If the corporate lawyers rule for the corporation, U.S. taxpayers would have to foot the huge bills for lost profits.

For example, big drug companies could use the TPP to sue the federal government for actions it takes to make the medicines we need more affordable.

We can’t let global corporations force us to change our country’s laws — at our expense.

Email your member of Congress now.

Thank you for all that you do.

Scott Frey
Federal Government Affairs



Social Service Employees Union Local 371
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