Secretary Carson Has the Wrong Prescription

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Cities and urban communities across the country are in the midst of a housing crisis. As the cost of living rises and median incomes shrink, more working-class families are struggling to make ends meet.

There are now more than 15 million low-income households that pay more than 30% of their annual salary on housing.

Gap Continues to Widen for Renters

Rather than prescribing thoughtful, robust policy platforms that could lift people from poverty, US Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson prescribes marriage as a cure.Marriage may bring benefits and happiness to many, but it does not cure poverty. But housing is part of the cure. And right now, affordable housing is under siege in America.

Not only is the United States facing a nationwide housing crisis, but affordable housing programs meant to support the most vulnerable among us face critical funding threats under the Trump Administration.

Federal programs administered through HUD have been the saving grace for millions of families. Government-sponsored initiatives such as the Low Income Housing Tax Credit have encouraged the construction of more than 2.4 million rental units since its creation. The Housing Choice Voucher Program administers vouchers to nearly 2 million citizens annually to subsidize the cost of market rate rents. More than a million families rely on Public Housing annually.

We cannot let Secretary Carson and the Trump Administration roll back the progress we have worked so hard to achieve, especially when there is still much work to be done.

Social Service Employees Union Local 371
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