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        On Nov. 8, the unprecedented happened. Americans elected Donald Trump to lead this country, an outcome SSEU Local 371 members and labor activists across the country worked hard to prevent.


         Like others who care about working people, civil rights and civil liberties, we were shocked by the final election results that rolled in throughout the night. We understand the deep concern that members may have about their rights as unionists over the next four years.


         Certainly, we are facing dire challenges. The victory public-sector unions won in Friedrichs vs. California Teachers Association was eked out by a divided court after the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, and Mr. Trump has promised to appoint new judges in Mr. Scalia‚Äôs mold.


         But SSEU Local 371 stands with other labor activists in refusing to despair. Now is not the time to give in, but to take stock of our values and to plan the fight to preserve them.


         As activists, we have committed ourselves to securing civil rights and civil liberties for all Americans. In the coming days, we urge our members to continue to watch out for each other, especially for those most vulnerable in our society. Our collective strength will see us through.


         We will continue to organize at our workplaces, in local and state elections, and for the 2018 midterm legislative battles. We will continue to demand due-process rights for our members, and to preserve their pay, benefits and work-rules.


          SSEU Local 371 will always fight for its members, no matter how big the obstacles or how determined the opposition. We are the union, we are mighty, and we will prevail.

Social Service Employees Union Local 371
817 Broadway, New York, NY 10003